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Are you certain you’re paying the lowest price for the
goods and services your company buys?

JDH Solutions Group

JDH Solutions Group focuses on helping clients execute strategies to pay
less for the goods and services that they buy. Our collective experience has
provided us with a unique perspective to know how to affect behavior and to
motivate vendors to offer non-standard pricing and terms, allowing our clients to
meet or exceed their economic expectations. Substantial, measureable savings are
achieved by applying our proven process to virtually all major overhead and
direct material sourcing categories.

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Most C-Level executives are not certain if their company is paying the
lowest prices for the goods and services that they buy. They are not certain if the
contract terms are favorable and they are not certain if the contract structure
properly fits (and adequately captures) the business purpose.

Business Meeting

Who We Do It For

JDHSG has been engaged by a diverse spectrum of clients in banking,
insurance, manufacturing, professional services, public utilities, retail,
distribution and education. A typical client has annual revenue of $100 million -
$5 billion.

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Since 1990, the cumulative hard dollar savings for the entire JDHSG managed portfolio of clients has exceeded $2 billion.

JDHSG Provides Certainty

At the conclusion of each project, our clients know:

1. They are paying the lowest unit prices for the goods and services that they buy.

2. All competing vendors were treated fairly throughout the process.

3. The contract terms are favorable.

4. The contract structure properly fits the business purpose.

5. The winning vendors were selected because they best fit the project requirements, and not necessarily because they offered the lowest price.

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